Yum Yum Pow Yum Yum Pow

Developer: Wildroid

Submitted: 9/26/2014

Yum Yum Pow is a fun and challenging game. The game objective is to catch the falling bananas! Watch out for other falling objects!

How to Play:

Tilt the tablet (or phone) left or right to help Manu the Monkey catch the bananas and dodge other objects. Tilt speed or switching tilt X-Y axis (may be needed on older devices) can be accessed by tapping Settings button.

Various achievements awards can be earned while playing the game and can be viewed by tapping the Awards button. Catch 10 bananas in a row without missing to get a power-up safety hat perk. Tapping the safety hat button enables Manu the Monkey with protection against falling objects for few seconds.

Must score 50 points to advance and unlock next level. It takes great coordination and timing to catch the falling bananas and avoid other falling objects. If you miss 10 times or get struck by a falling object, it's Game Over!

Have fun playing Yum Yum Pow!

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Painting 101 - Anyone’s a Painter Painting 101 - Anyone’s a Painter

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Submitted: 3/11/2015

Imagine you have a simple canvas with just the right tools at your fingertips. No more overwhelming sight of gadgets that you don’t want to figure out what they do. You just want to draw. When has drawing ever become that hard? Back in the days you just pick up the pen and off you go. Painting101 sets out to restore your simple desire to draw.

Outdoor painting couldn’t be made easier, as it shouldn’t be. Just grab your iPad as if you were taking your brushes and a stack of papers to have fun painting, in whatever way you want.

Think you’re a novice? We all are! That shouldn’t take away the fun of drawing!

Here is one way of how it’s done: take one of your favorite photos, portraits or scenery shots, and turn it into a line art with Painting101 to sketch and color away. Plus all the vivid painting patterns we offer, the painting fun simply doesn’t end. Start stylizing your photos and share them with your friends today!

Available on the App Store